Softening Summer Sunlight

As the days get longer and the temperature rises, many people want the feel of the outdoors without the high energy bills that can accompany glaring sunlight. Allure roller shades by Lafayette can be the perfect solution. Their unique construction allows for light filtering that’s easily controlled. Read More

Silent Shades

A patio door is lovely, but blocking direct sunlight from such a large expanse of glass can be a challenge, especially during the host summer months. Read More

Bring In the Sunshine

French Doors can be a beautiful addition to your home. Bringing the outdoors in, French Doors can be a bridge from a patio to a family room, or a basement to an outdoor recreation area. Read More

Shutters Are A Cool Idea

The cost to cool or heat your home can be daunting when there are weather extremes. The record-breaking 100-degree heat we had this summer may have broken a few piggy banks. Read More