The Advantages of Shutters

Durability and Lasting Quality for Your Shutters

While ordinary blinds may last for three to five years before they need attention, such as re-stringing, plantation shutters can maintain their beauty and function for 20 years or more. As room styles change, the classic look of our shutters never goes out of fashion. Fitting closely into the window casement, they also save energy.

The solid high-quality materials and custom fit make our plantation shutters by far the best insulator of any window coverings you could choose, especially in areas such as Omaha with its unique and changeable weather conditions. Not only do our shutters help to maintain a consistent indoor climate, they also block harmful UV rays from fading furniture and carpets.

Shutter Maintenance

Marco’s louvers never need tightening and our plantation shutters won’t slip. Draperies can be difficult to keep clean, while our shutters require little maintenance, and they don’t retain odors.

Shutters Increase Resale Value

Market trends in Omaha and throughout the Midwest show homes with indoor shutters sell as much as 10% higher than homes with other window coverings. The value of our shutters is clear!

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